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i'm the dude behind the lens

how did i get here, you ask? well, it all started with a contest i didn't win...

when i was in the second grade, each student was entered into a drawing contest. the assignment: draw your favorite scene from a dr. suess book. spoiler alert, i didn't win. BUT, my art teacher saw my ✨talent✨ and recommended that i start private art lessons with a wonderful woman, addie.

with my fervent passion for the visual arts flourishing at an early age, i spent many years studying various mediums before putting my focus to photography and video work. over time, i have had the opportunity to capture beautiful portraits, headshots, and street photography for both clients and my own personal portfolio.


(these are asked frequently i swear!)

1. if you were a dragon, what kind would you be?

there are different kinds?? hmm okay, i guess the pretty kind that wears lipstick and has eyelashes like in shrek.

2. what greek god would you be?

eros or priapus (wink wink). jk i would probably be apollo, patron of the arts and same-sex love. if that's too basic, then maybe helios? art that is based off of him is lit (pun). 

3. what was your favorite childhood book?

i really liked "are you my mother" by p.d. eastman

4. whats your social security number?

oh its ***-***-****

Justin Sprague Looking Down

5. what would be the name of your autobiography?

"ask me again in a few years"

6. what's something on your bucket list?

i'll give you two things because i am generous. one, i would like to publish a photography book before 30 and two, i would love to establish an LGBTQ+ youth program that would provide queer kids with resources, shelter, friendships, and support to anyone who needs it.

7. do you have a favorite ice cream flavor?

mint chocolate chip but not the green food coloring kind

8. what sesame street character do you identify with the most?

oh geez, it's a toss up between ernie and grover. ernie can be quite the silly trouble-maker and harmlessly teases the ones he loves the most. grover on the other hand, is a goofball with varying interests, loves helping others, and knows his self worth.

9. flour or corn tortillas


10. if there were three places in the whole world that you could travel to, where would you go?

1. rome (to find my paolo)

2. spain (for that nightlife)

3. tokyo (for the photographs)

A thin line drawing of a limp hand


okay, so you might not care which greek god or sesame street character i would be... (strange... but no judgement!)


you may instead be wondering, what exactly drives my passion for photography.

let's get serious for a second.

A thin line drawing of a limp hand

when someone looks at a photograph of themselves and they feel good about it, it makes a massive impact. whether it ignites a feeling of confidence, improves their self-image, or gets them excited about sharing it with their friends on social media, there is some magic happening. there is quite literally nothing like taking a portrait of someone and seeing that magic in action.

i believe that everyone deserves to have their "vogue" moment and despite what we may think, we are all capable of having them. it doesn't look the same for everybody and that is the beauty of it! i love to unlock that one-of-a-kind model that lives within the person i'm working with. 

beauty goes beyond convention and honestly, i just love to capture it in any way it manifests. a single photograph can do so many things. it can tell stories. it can illicit emotions. it can hurt. it can heal. it can uplift. it can change the world or it can just change yours. that is why it matters to me.

Line drawings of a male and a female figure

the process

step 1: consultation

this is a collaboration! i want to meet you and see how we vibe. i would love to know exactly what you are looking for and why you think i am the guy to deliver it. we will discuss your needs, your overall ideas, the location, the timing, and any concerns that you may have before we go any further. to schedule a video call or phone consultation, contact me.

step 2: picture day

this step is kinda self explanatory. we will meet at an agreed upon time & location, take a few warm up shots, and have fun!

step 3: post-processing

i will a make available low resolution copies of the best photographs from your shoot. once you are informed, you will have 30 days to choose your favorite(s) before the images disappear. as soon as you have selected the image(s) you would like processed for your package, i will begin working on the edits.

step 4: the delivery

we have reached the end of our journey! i will notify you once the final high-resolution images are ready for download. 

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